To achieve our Stage 2 upgrade your vehicle will require supporting intake and exhaust hardware in order to produce our quoted power figures. Below are the minimum requirements of hardware you will need along with further “option” parts that are not vital to the tune but will offer added advantages:

Our Cold Air Intakes offer advanced air flow using our TriFoam filters, improving performance figures as well as offering incredible filtration properties. It’s an essential fitment to deliver the airflow levels needed for Stage 2 performance levels.

Due to the higher efficiency of combustion (and in turn increased flow of exhaust gasses) created from our Stage 2 tune it becomes a necessity to fit our sports cat downpipe. Improving the flow of exhaust gasses removes the restrictions of the factory exhaust to allow the engine to deliver its full potential.

Highly recommended at Stage 2 level, our performance intercooler will drastically reduce air intake temperatures again and again. Lower intake temps mean higher power. The harder driven your car, the greater the benefit.


You may want to consider an uprated Clutch Kit (for vehicles with a manual transmission). With the improved Stage 2 torque and bhp, a higher load is placed on the standard clutch plate. Most clutch kits offer a higher clamping pressure over the OE unit and harder friction material on the pressure plate making the unit far more durable.

With improved performance figures thanks to our Stage 2 conversion we also recommend a DSG calibration to accurately set the clamping pressure of your clutch pack, as well as fine tuning gear selection to ensure a smooth and refined drive both on and off track.