Being an authorised dealer for Shark Performance, Wagner Tuning, Milltek Sport, Racingline and more, we have the capability, equipment and resources to personalise your vehicle to your unique style. Be it a Stage 1 ‘off the shelf’ tune or a full custom turbo upgrade, Turbo back exhaust, upgraded injectors, front mounted intercooler, cold air-intake and custom tune to compliment the hardware changes.

Tuning your car correctly using software specifically designed for your engine/gearbox not only enhances the power, performance & drivability of your vehicle, but also in some cases it may even improve the fuel efficiency depending on driving style and conditions.

We tune your car using the latest software which is fully compliant with your vehicle. Majority of tuning we deliver is done the OBD (on-board diagnostic) port, which is the safest and best way to tune vehicles. In some rare instances depending on the ECU and vehicle we may have to remove the ECU just for ‘unlocking’ and then replace the EU ready for tuning.

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